Korg MS10 used by the royal oak abstract ensemble, roae

“People think that going from being awake to being asleep is just sort of like flicking a switch. Very clean, very quick sort of thing. But there’s all these sorts of levels you go through from one to the other, and it flips back and forth over the night, a whole cycle of states. And what we are trying to do really is explore those various states.”






"Another one gone"


When South-West Essex CAMRA invited me to commemorate the demolition of Gidea Park's Squirrel's Head, I agree immediately. After all, this is the pub where the original members of the ROAE first met. I can still picture a young, slim, spotty Schwump greeting me with a cheery "This place is shit, let's go to the Royal Oak for some expertly-cellared Bass."


Once again I have brought in Phill Colins (Pronounced Phil Collins) to express the mood, and Mr 羅 has chipped in an impressionistic piece describing what he imagines sunset in Gidea Park is like.


The Squirrel's Head Abstract Ensemble "Utter SHAE" EP


1. Bad News

2. Directors Double Diamond

3. Hightrees (With Chadderton)

4. RM2 Sunset


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